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Plant Synergisms: (Leveraging a Lot with a Little)

Would you try to open a locked doorknob with a massive pipewrench?
You could crank the knob breaking a big hole in the door to gain entry.
Wouldn't it be easier to use a key, or at least find the right combination of tiny tumblers with a lock pick?

Cancer treatment could be like that. Rather than continuing to bludgeon the body with massive cellular DNA damage, if we employ the right combinations of phytochemicals - seesawing ROS levels, epigenetic compensation, and hormetic stimulation then we open the door with a minimum of energy ...using brains instead of brawn.

A drawback with many nutritional supplements, is they follow the lead of traditional drug models: "achieve maximum dosage with minimum acceptable toxicity". "EGCG" supplements are advertised instead of whole plant Green Tea. Ellagic Acid instead of focusing on the best pomegranate, cranberry, etc.

I am not denying the need for intense therapy, especially in out-of-control or hard-to-resolve situations. However, I am gathering here on this page, links to studies that highlight the synergistic effects of compounds present at effective levels in whole foods / whole plants. In many cases we lose benefits when we distort the ratios present in the original foods. Those plants were designed better the way they were ...instead of "maxing out" a specific component it may be more valuable to obtain lower concentrations of a pure plant supply and coordinate/alternate the sequence of usage properly with other supplements and with rhythms of fasting, growth, excercise, and recovery.

Do not omit proper rest and laughter - I could gather scientific evidence that for some "resistant cancers" fasting, followed by drinking green and burdock tea while munching on raw apples and broccoli sprinkled with curcumin, playing with children, and snuggling with a pet could have greater success than $20,000 of chemo infusions.

Combined Synergisms:
2003 Aug Low concentrations of quercetin and ellagic acid synergistically influence proliferation, cytotoxicity and apoptosis in MOLT-4 human leukemia cells
2008 May Mechanisms of combined action of different chemopreventive dietary compounds: a review
2005 Feb Ellagic acid and quercetin interact synergistically with resveratrol in the induction of apoptosis and cause transient cell cycle arrest in human leukemia cells
2005 Jul Mediterranean diet health benefits may be due to a synergistic combination of phytochemicals and fatty-acids
2008 Jan Food bioactives, apoptosis, and cancer
"...accumulating evidence supports the notion that a combination of food bioactives is more effective than treatment with a single dietary compound

Constituent Synergisms:
2004 May Total cranberry extract versus its phytochemical constituents: antiproliferative and synergistic effects against human tumor cell lines
2005 Jun In vitro antiproliferative, apoptotic and antioxidant activities of punicalagin, ellagic acid and a total pomegranate tannin extract are enhanced in combination with other polyphenols as found in pomegranate juice
2003 Sep Health benefits of fruit and vegetables are from additive and synergistic combinations of phytochemicals
2004 Dec Potential synergy of phytochemicals in cancer prevention: mechanism of action.
2004 May Why Whole Mushrooms or Mushroom Extracts May Be More Beneficial Than Isolated Constituents

Plant/Drug Synergisms:
2006 Apr Potential synergism of natural products in the treatment of cancer

Probiotic (Gut Flora) Synergisms:
2004 Aug The potent in vitro antioxidant ellagitannins from pomegranate juice are metabolised into bioavailable but poor antioxidant hydroxy-6H-dibenzopyran-6-one derivatives by the colonic microflora of healthy humans

2008 Nov Chemopreventive effects of natural dietary compounds on cancer development.

Hormones + AntiOxidents = Differentiation:
2002 Sep Differentiation of human myeloid leukemia cells by plant redifferentiation-inducing hormones

Fasting ...Phytochemicals ...Hormetic Response
2008 Jan Dietary factors, hormesis and health
2008 Dec Cellular stress response: a novel target for chemoprevention and nutritional neuroprotection in aging, neurodegenerative disorders and longevity