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Supplements, Research, AML Herbal Regimen

Peer reviewed journal papers preferred (PubMed) see: Google Scholar
Other Resources: NCCAM Clinical Trial Directory, Complimentary Medicine Search
Evidence Based CAM, Oregon State University, Sloan Kettering, Creighton University, NCCAM Herbs, HerbMed, Sigma-Aldrich

Apoptosis, Review, Epigenetics, ROS Therapy, Blood-Brain, Cell Paths, Synergisms
Delivery, Dose Logs, Disclaimer
Link(s) to Supply (see bottom of page)
My purpose linking suppliers is not promoting a specific company
     ...but documenting quality supply and effective dosages - detailed validation of what we accomplished
(evidence supporting the daily/hourly dosage log that rescued Jaymun from refractory CNS Leukemia)
Unfortunately people just shrug their shoulders if we do not specify the exact herbs we used,
in exactly which order, and at what times over the three month period his CNS leukemia AML m5 abated.
(see Jaymun's herbal dosage log)

The good news is, there are suppliers that provide quality herbs at reasonable prices.
I did not have time for an extensive review - the doctors said our son would be dead within weeks.
I had to choose a company and get started ...in hindsight I am happy with my choice. In many situations I prefer
Quality "whole plant" supplements over "single-concentrated-component" supplements.
(see plant synergisms)

Nature's Sunshine Clarification:
I am impressed with NSP's quality control, scientific research, product consistency and availability. Although I originally joined NSP to get a better discount, I have since canceled our account to make sure nobody "joins" our channel and we are NOT profiting in any way from Jaymun's story. They are a trusted source, and I want to review their products objectively. We do NOT accept donations from herbal companies. There are other similar products (LifeExtension, Swanson Vitamins, etc.) that I have not yet reviewed. If you experience success, and are able to document it painstakingly like we did, and accompany that with evidence of genuine, regular clinical observation and bloodwork - let us know and we'll share your story here.

Medical Advice NOT INTENDED:
This site is not medical advice. Consult your Oncologist and Naturopath before using herbal remedies - they are powerful and can harm as well as help. If your oncologist is honest, he/she should give you a similar disclaimer about any herbal/food-based remedies they are not trained in and therefore not properly able to evaluate those risks/benefits and assist those decisions. A little humility for all of us goes a long way - let's work together for the sake of the kids. There are other systems of medicine (Chinese, Indian, South American, etc.) that may teach us valuable lessons.

Independant Sources I am NOT Affiliated with:
Link for N Acetyl Cysteine