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FeverFew? (parthenolide) (effective against AML stem cells?)
2008 Molecular basis of parthenolide-dependent proapoptotic activity in cancer cells.
2004 Oct The sesquiterpene lactone parthenolide induces apoptosis of human acute myelogenous leukemia stem and progenitor cells
#2 Blood: (The long and winding road may be getting shorter)
#3 Blood: (An orally bioavailable parthenolide analog selectively eradicates acute myelogenous leukemia stem and progenitor cells)
#4 Blood: (Discovery of agents that eradicate leukemia stem cells using an in silico screen of public gene expression data)
#5 Blood: (Targeting LSCs: powering an old tool)
#6 Apoptosis: (Parthenolide-induced apoptosis in multiple myeloma cells involves reactive oxygen species generation and cell sensitivity depends on catalase activity.)
#7 Best Practice and Research Clinical Haematology: (The leukemic stem cell)
#7 (same as directly above in a free format)
#8 Expert-Opin-Biol-Ther.: (Feverfew: weeding out the root of leukaemia.)
Dosage: Variations in parthenolide content and daily dose of feverfew products.
Integrative Medicine: Kettering
Delivery: Phase I dose escalation trial of feverfew with standardized doses of parthenolide in patients with cancer
Researcher: Dr. Craig Jordon - University of Rochester
Parthenolide Salt: Tested by University of Kentucky
New Drug: Medical News: New Leukemia Drug Stems From Feverfew
Trial: Clinical Trial (in England - only for consenting adults)
Bio-Availablilty:Transport of parthenolide across human intestinal cells (caco-2)
Dissolution:Challenges with Dissolution testing and Quality Assessment for Commercial FeverFew Products
Testing:Voltammetric determination of parthenolide in spiked human plasma and urine.
****Important facts about Parthenolide
Fact: (clotting reduction)
Fact: Depletes Glutathione ie. can be inhibited by N-Acetyl Cysteine (a precursor to glutathione):
Oxidative Stress-mediated Apoptosis (enhanced by L-buthionine-[S,R]-sulfoximine)
Cystic Fibrosis?: Parthenolide Inhibits I?B Kinase, NF-?B Activation, and Inflammatory Response in Cystic Fibrosis Cells and Mice
Sepsis?: Parthenolide improves systemic hemodynamics and decreases tissue leukosequestration in rats with polymicrobial sepsis*.
Endotoxic shock?: Parthenolide, an Inhibitor of the Nuclear Factor-B Pathway, Ameliorates Cardiovascular Derangement and Outcome in Endotoxic Shock in Rodents

2008 Feb Parthenolide-depleted Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) protects skin from UV irradiation and external aggression.
2007 Aug Parthenolide induces significant apoptosis and production of reactive oxygen species in high-risk pre-B leukemia cells

Crosses the Blood/Brain Barrier:
2006 Dec Parthenolide induces apoptosis in glioblastomas without affecting NF-kappaB.

Other Research:

Homemade Bioavailability Discussion:
Apr 18, 2009

Drug name is now LC-1
Leuchemix - LC-1 (Professor Alan Burnett picking up Dr. Craig Jordan's work)