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Switching Gears (June 2008)
I believe (disclaimer) that scientifically we got within "millimeters" of curing Jaymun's leukemia back in 2006. To be sure we had a miracle when his liver failed - by all medical rights he "should have" died from CMV hepatitis and VOD December 12/13, 2006. He survived those transplant complications - but we also allowed resistant cancer to survive/relapse.
We got rid of the bulk leukemia "tumor" but left the stem cells.
I do believe we are again (2008) hitting it hard (and properly) with the most effective chemo and radiation possible.

However, low survival and high relapse probability of traditional treatments drive me to search for that extra "edge", so we do not fail Jaymun again. In May and early June 2008 I thought the answer was in clinical trials - I invested quite a bit of time and effort trying to discover some type of "boosted NK cell" protocol, but was unable to find anything either outside of transplant, or with immediate availability (had Jaymun been in remission after the first round of chemo).

Children's Milwaukee - did not have an NK trial
St Judes - NK trial on hold - drug company not supplying a key drug
University Minnesota - can't get in the prototol (We don't actually want to be so desparate/refractory as to fit in)
Indiana University - NK trial - adults only
M.D. Anderson - requires us to wait in CNS remission for 3 months before transplant (that's too dangerous for us)
University Wisconsin - still weeks away from getting their NK trial up and running

So I switched gears. I realized that if we ever do a transplant, I influence/control what the donor (one of our other sons) eats every day (at least I try to!). I may be able to "activate" his NK cells pre-transplant without the help of the scientists (by simple supplement). Also, if we supplement Jaymun between/after chemo rounds, that may "close the gap" (my uneducated conclusion). What do we have to loose? If nothing else - Devon will be extra healthy :)

The more I researched, the more I discovered that there is very real scientific data that supports cancer prevention and cure through regular "Fruits and Vegetables", ie: Molecular targets of dietary agents for prevention and therapy of cancer. At the very least, science shows that dietary supplements play a key role in augmenting standard therapies (chemo/radiation): Using Chemopreventive Agents to Enhance the Efficacy of Cancer Therapy
Merely thirty days before Jaymun was born this paper discussed powerful herbal weapons against cancer.
Natural health products that inhibit angiogenesis: a potential source for investigational new agents to treat cancer.
(Part 1, Part 2)

I also realized that the odds of Jaymun surviving another transplant AND not relapsing afterwards despite the brutal treatment, were virtually nill (refractory, relapsed, congenital AML). So our main long-term medical hope is to rely on some sort of experimental treatment. Something like the many things currently being explored by major research teams around the world that are developing new ways to fight cancer. In the event that orthodox medicine fails, at the very least I do not want to go home with Jaymun to watch him die without a great familiarity with the herbal resources available to us, and the way they operate and interact.

So I switched gears again, dedicating my personal efforts towards other things than the hospital therapies,
...I'll leave it to the doctors to find and suggest those.

In the mean time I am focusing intense efforts on the last "firewall",
and here is my plan (in the absence of any other hospital direction):
A) Supplement/protect/heal Jaymun's liver and other organs through this process without interfering with the chemo.
(let's use everything we have to lower liver risk. Liver miracles are great ...let's save up for a cancer one this time)
B) Boost Jaymun's NK cells after chemo
C) Provide additional antibiotic/antifungal weapons
D) Target the resistant leukemia in Jaymun (stem cells) with certain herbs, Feverfew for example.
E) Protect against secondary cancers.
F) In the (awful) event that we go home with relapsed marrow leukemia - find something to help kill the blasts.

The research I've linked on the left covers most of the supplements in my tentative dosage plan. Time is running short, if you have any suggestions, or can pass this website along to any holistic practitioners for their comments, feel free to do so.