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Bone Marrow


Specimen Type BM-RPIC, # cells obtained 6.80E+06, viability >99%
T-Lineage % Positive
CD7 (Pan-T) 2
CD5 (Pan-T) 1
CD2 (Pan-T)
CD3 (Mature T) 1
CD4 (Helper T) 97
CD8 (Suppressor T)
B-Lineage % Positive
CD19 (Pan-B) 0
CD20 (Pan-B) 0
CD24 (B) 0
CD9 (Pre-B) 57
Surface Total Ig 0
Surface IgMu
Surface Kappa
Surface Lambda

Myelo/Monocytic % Positive
CD33 (Progenitor) 98
CD13 (Pan-Myeloid) 92
CD15 (Granulocytes) 91
CD15 (Monocytes) 94
Non-Specific % Positive
CD45 (Leukocyte Common Ag) 100
TdT (Terminal Transferase) 0
HLA-DR (Class II Ag) 99
CD34 (Progenitor Cell) 1
CD10 (CALLA) 0
Controls % Positive
MsigG1 0
MsigG2 0
Other % Positive
Myeloperoxidase 93
CD56 83
CD30** 0
CD117 1
CD41 (gpllb/llla) 36
CD42b 25
CD61 40
**for research purposes only

Interpretation: CD1a=1%
The above results were obtained by gating on blasts only.
PRELIMINARY: Specimen presents with suspect abnormal blast population (-15%).
LAIP indicative of residual AML presence with aberrant CD58 expression. Correlation with clinical, cytogenetic and histopathologic data is recommended.

Addendum: The suspect abnormal blast population exhibits large cell size with a heterogenous SSC pattern based on FSC/SSC dot plot. Normal lymphocytes are prominent (-67%) composed entirely of T cells.