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AML Therapy: Chemo / Transplant ...Herbs

Once Jaymun's AML-M5 proved refractory to standard treatment
...then using strictly ORAL herbal treatments (through NG tube)

#1. Marrow Remission (achieved over a period of about two months)
#2. CNS Remission (achieved slowly over several months DOCUMENTED BY spinal taps)

So that is COMPLETE REMISSION from refractory AML-M5 with CNS involvement.
...using only oral herbal supplements. Documented as thoroughly as I could (see links to left).

Including, sadly the limitations we all face and how hindsight shows mistakes.
Follow the links, especially the cautious advice comments on the bottom of this page.

July 2006
-Born with congenital Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML m5) (four siblings - one match three haplo)
(no marrow or CNS involvment) (isolated to the skin).

July-Nov 2006 - Oncology/BMT at Children's Hospital Wisconsin
-3 rounds of chemo (did not put him in CR)
-spot radiation for two recurrent skin areas (mid November) (pictures: Before, After)
-BMT: busulfan conditioning (no TBI) and a matched sibling transplant.

Dec 2006 - Intensive Care at CHW
-After transplant liver complications (blog: December 10) - CMV Hepatitis, VOD, possible GVHD ,
respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation

Jan 2007 - March 2008
-CR for 14 months
-Relapsed April/May (2008) (AML CNS relapse) (leukemic menengitis) (also with 2% marrow involvement)

May 9,2008 - Re-Admitted to Oncology at CHW Milwaukee
-Salvage #1 (high dose ara-C IV - and intrathecal ara-C)
-Refractory disease: Not in CNS remission - 15% marrow blasts

June 9,2008 - Continued Oncology at CHW
-Salvage #2 (Topotecan intrathecal twice per week, 2CDA / idarubicin IV for five days)
-June 20 ended Topotecan - still not in CNS remission (Nucleated:16 Blasts:86%)
-June 27 started Methotrexate intrathecal (Nucleated:62 Blasts: 95%)
-July 18 chronic subdural hygroma detected - July 19 subdural drain put in
-July 18 last Methotrexate intrathecal (Nucleated:1 Blasts:83%)
-July 19 CSF fluid from subdural drain (Nucleated:1 Blasts:83%)
-July 31 Discharged (Palliative care) (Refractory CNS leukemia, Aplastic Marrow)

August '08 - July 18 '09 - Only Herbal Supplement Treatment (home)
Dates Dosages / Results Comments
-7/22 to 7/26/08 Treating Typhlitus / Ilius / Gut Failure
-8/1 to 10/10/08 Treating CNS leukemia and Marrow Aplasia
-1/23/09 Remission!!!! Herb Therapy Review
-4/9 to 4/21/09 Treating CNS Blasts Plant Synergies
-5/3 to 6/14/09 CNS Treatment/Marrow Prophylaxis Father's Day

CSF Nucleated Cells 5/16 to 9/10/08 (traditional AML chemo ended 7/18) CSF Blast Percentages 5/16 to 9/10/08 (traditional AML chemo ended 7/18)

July '09 - August - CNS Relapse - Chemo combined with Herbal Supplement Treatment
Dates Dosages / Results Comments
-7/27/09 Herb Dosages Journal
-8/29/09 Dilantin overdosage, Ommaya failure/leak Journal

Sep '09 - Marrow Relapse - Herbal Therapy
Dates Dosages / Results Comments
-9/17/09 Journal

Oct '09 - Intensive Care Complications - Jaymun Passed Away 10/13/09
Dates Dosages / Results Comments

Nov '10 - Thoughts And Cautious Advice (a year later)