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From Ben


Ben's speech
that he gave at Jaymun's funeral...

Since the day he was born, Jaymun has been the center of our family's lives. We have spent a great part of the last three years fighting with his sickness but also acknowledging that there was probably nothing that we could do. Jaymun didn't understand that he was sick. He was just a happy kid that loved life and didn't know the difference. Jaymun didn't want anyone to cry or be depressed about the situation. He wanted us to play legos, read him books, and run around with him on our shoulders. One of his favorite things to do with me was play on my drumset.

My Dad has done such a great job. He has spent countless hours scouring the internet and researching anything he could find that might help him understand and improve Jaymun's situation. God has worked through him and helped Jaymun to make it through almost impossible circumstances and also gave him a longer and more comfortable life than was possible through standard medication.

My Mom has been a great parent through everything. Even though she has to watch her son go through pain and suffering, she was always there for us and she always paid attention to our lives and what we were going through. I know that as hard as this is for us, it is even harder for my mom and dad because there is a special connection between a kid and his parents.

I'm so thankful that we were able to have Jaymun treated in a place like Children's Hospital. The doctors and nurses over there cared so much about Jaymun, not just as a patient but as a person. I know that it is also hard for them to lose someone that they are connected to.

Jaymun was a blessing to me and everyone that he touched while here on earth. He was always so full of happiness. I think Jaymun would not want us to be sad. I can picture him taking my hand and leading me somewhere like he always used to when he wanted our attention. I always thought that I had more time to be with him. He was always a part of my life, and he belonged in my family, as my brother. It doesn't seem right that he's gone now. He left and now there is something missing. I don't fully understand God's plan yet, but I trust that He knows best.

When I think about Jaymun now, I picture him in heaven running around, laughing and making a big mess. I picture God joking "Oh man what did we get ourselves into here... maybe we should send him back down?" It really makes me happy to think that someday I'll be able to see him again. I believe that he'll still be a little kid in heaven, just for us.