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From Kirsten


Kirsten's speech
that she gave at Jaymun's funeral...

When I was thinking about what to write for this, I was trying to choose one of my favorite memories of Jaymun. I have so many good memories, but I especially loved it when he would cook in his kitchen.

He loved to dress up in his little chef hat and apron and cook all sorts of things--especially marshmallows. He would ask for (or just take) a marshmallow out of the kitchen cupboard downstairs.

Then, clutching the marshmallow in his little chubby paw, he would take it upstairs to his play kitchen and put the marshmallow into a pot. He would stir it around and then "taste test" it. He would spear it with a little play fork and after chewing a bit, would say, "Mmm, dewicious," and go back to cooking.

Another favorite memory is when he was trying to cook for me in his kitchen.
Jaymun would pull me in there and have me sit down on a chair. "Jaymun, can I have some eggs?" I asked.
"Oh sure, Keekin," he happily replied. He then brought out a pancake. "Here go Keekin. A pancake."
"Yes, I know it's a pancake, Jaymun, but I want some eggs."
Then he went back into his little refrigerator and brought out a piece of cake. "Here go Keekin. Cakes!"
"Yes, Jaymun. That is a cake. But I would like some eggs."
We went through this many times. And finally I got my eggs. He was so proud.

He always liked to be right, especially about his food. Like the one time he was trying to serve me a pepper. He dug around in his food baskets and brought out a big, green pepper. "Mmm. Here go Keekin. A pickle."
I tried to correct him. "Jaymun, that's a pepper, not a pickle."
He was amazed that someone dare say he was wrong. "No Keekin! A pickle!"
"It's a pepper, Jaymun."
"A pickle!!"
Finally after some time, I had to let him win. "Ok, Jaymun. It's a pickle."
"Yes, a pickle." He gave me a look that said, "I told you so," and then trotted away, leaving me to eat his "pickle".

I remember Jaymun's happiness as we read books together. He loved the Hungry Caterpillar book. He called it the "Caterpillar Book". He loved it when we got to the page that said, "One Sunday morning the warm sun came up and pop! out came the caterpillar." He couldn't wait for that. As soon as we got to the page, he said, "Pop, pop, pop!" It was so cute to hear him say it.

I love it how Jaymun had special names for people. He always called me Keekin. He just loved my friend Amber Kern. He called her Ahm-ber. Whenever she came over, he would come running, saying, "Ahmber, Ahmber. Come play trains!" and he would pull her off to play with him. He loved to watch movies with her. Night at the Museum was one of his favorites. "Ahmber a come watch da di-sors!" He loved how the dinosaur would come to life.

He liked eating his snacks with everybody. "Snacky snacks? Yes! Snacky snack!" He always had to sit at the head of the table. He loved to eat blueberries and mac 'n' cheese, probably his most favorite food in the whole world. Jaymun loved just about anything.

When Jaymun was so sick, I remember thinking, "God wouldn't let him die. There are so many people who need him and love him." But I think that God needed him too. Who wouldn't want a cute, chubby, three year old with curly hair running around heaven, playing with the angels?

Even though I'll never hear him say, "Oh, a baby! Soo cute!" or "So pretty, Keekin. Soo pretty," I know that when I die I can see him again. He can run towards me with outstretched chubby arms and give me a big hug. I can't wait to hear him call me Keekin again.

I love you so much, Jaymun. And I can't wait to be with you again.