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From Devon


Next is Devon's speech that he gave at Jaymun's funeral...

My name is Devon and I am ten years old. Jaymun, our little fighter, died on a Tuesday morning, one week ago. I didn't really ever want this day to come because we loved him so much but I want to make sure that everyone who comes here to his funeral knows what I remember most about him.

Jaymun and I had a very special connection because I was the one who donated my bone marrow for his transplant. The doctors told us he was going to die when he was a baby from all the complications after the transplant, but that never stopped him from fighting. Every time he got sick and they said he wasn't going to make it, Jaymun LOVED to prove them wrong!

Jaymun liked to plunk around on the piano with me and "play" Legos with Sean and me. He also loved to run around the house with us. That was one of his favorite things, to run wild and laugh loud.

He really loved to play in the sandbox and bounce on the trampoline. It was our routine when I came home from school he would yell, "Den! Go play in sandbox, Den?" Then I would quickly get ready for all the fun and put his favorite Diego shoes on and take him down to the sandbox. I remember holding his hands as we carefully walked down the hill together. He would always say over and over, "Careful, Den! Careful!" as we walked down. When we came up from the sandbox we would always have a yogurt or Go-Gurt or something that was a snack. Jaymun just LOVED snacks!

We loved watching Thomas the Train and Spongebob together. He would sing the theme songs cheerfully. I would give anything to watch a movie with Jaymun again.

Jaymun loved playing with Tucker, his puppy. And every time I look at Tucker, I will remember our little curly haired Jaymun.

I will always remember the Make-A-Wish trip we had with Jaymun. Jaymun loved eating the mints we had while the limo drove us to the airport. When we got in the airplane, Jaymun watched one of his favorite movies, "Night at the Museum". His favorite part was when the dinosaur came to life. Jaymun would yell really loud every single time, "DI-SORS!! DI-SORS!!" We couldn't help but laugh every time because he got so excited even though he knew the part was coming. Every morning at breakfast on the trip, I would get myself a bowl of Fruit Loops (because unfortunately I have parents who don't let us have sugar cereal for breakfast at home!) Mom would get Jaymun a healthy breakfast but Jaymun always started digging into my bowl of cereal and I'd have to get myself another one. I never really minded that much because once you saw how happy Jaymun gets about something, you can't ever stop trying to make him happy. I'm so thankful we got to go on Jaymun's Make-A-Wish trip because we have such happy memories of the whole thing.

I remember one summer day that Pastor Rich took us out on his boat to go tubing on the lake. Jaymun had tons of fun sitting on the boat watching us on the water. He had a whole bag of Cheetos that Pastor Sharon gave him. His cheeks were puffed full with Cheetos, the wind was blowing his wild hair back and Jaymun said, "Dis is WOTS of fun!!"

At the hospital he memorized all his favorite nurses' names. He would always yell their names when they walked into his room. I also remember how cheerful he got when we came to visit him. We would try to stay overnight in the room as much as we could because in the morning Jaymun would be SO happy to see us right away when he woke up. I can't believe he went through so many hard, painful things from having leukemia and he could still wake up every single day with a smile on his face.

He would never pose for my mom's pictures or anything. It's amazing that we even have one good picture and not just a blur from his moving so much. He was always on the go and I don't remember him standing still very much at all.

My mom always told us that every person's life is like a book. The beginning is when you are born and enter the world. The end is when you pass away. But the middle is the most important part because you have all the memories which are the pages in between. Sometimes people think, "Oh, that poor family! They have such a sad time with taking care of a little boy with cancer." But we were actually the lucky ones because we got the gift of having such a cheerful little boy that we could help write on the pages of his book.

People have no idea just how amazing and brave my little brother was. Most of the kids my age will never understand how painful this is to lose a family member. I don't really understand why this has to happen but I do know one thing: He was loved here on earth and he will be loved forever in heaven.

I love you Jaymun and I will never, ever forget you as long as I live.

Love, Devon