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From Sean


Jaymun's siblings all spoke at his funeral and wanted to share their thoughts on that day with our website readers. Sean is first in line. These are his personal thoughts and memories about being Jaymun's big brother, dictated out loud in his own words and typed by his mom (to ensure smooth reading) for you to enjoy.

Hi, my name is Sean and I am seven years old. I am so sad that my little brother Jaymun died but I have some happy memories of him that I would like to share with you.

I always missed when I was on my mom's lap and sometimes Jaymun would come over and say, "MY mommy!" I really miss when we would tell him that we were having mac 'n' cheese and he would yell, "Mac 'n' cheese! Mac 'n' cheese!" and he would dance around because he was so excited!

When we were playing in the sandbox with him, we could never get him to come back into the house unless we told him there was something he really liked up in the house because he loved playing in the sandbox so much.

When he was up in our bedroom playing, he would always sit on my LEGO creations and sometimes break them. Sometimes I would get a little upset, but mostly I didn't mind because I knew he loved playing with us.

Another thing Jaymun loved to do with me was ride up and down the driveway in his battery-operated truck.

I would drive him around and around, which he loved. Sometimes he would try to climb out over the top and I would have to stop all of a sudden.

When it was wintertime Kirsten and I would always build a snow fort outside. Jaymun loved to sit inside of it.

He also liked to shovel snow a lot with his orange shovel.

Jaymun really loved watching Spongebob Squarepants with Devon and me. It cheered him up when he wasn't feeling so good.

I remember when we got to go on Jaymun's Make-A-Wish trip with him. He was so excited to see all the crocodiles and alligators in Florida! We got to take a family picture of all of us holding an alligator together. There was a train at Give Kids the World village and Jaymun loved riding the trains there. One train would pick us up for breakfast and the other would ride kids around and around on a track through a golf course and tunnel. Jaymun never wanted to get off because he loved trains so much.

They had a special ice cream restaurant there. You didn't even have to pay any money to eat the ice cream and Jaymun LOVES ice cream!

There was also a big carousel there and Jaymun always wanted to ride on the zebra. He kept saying, "One time zebra! One time zebra!" He didn't always stay on just one time but he was so happy we didn't really care if he went around and around lots of times.

It makes me really sad to write down memories or hear people tell their memories about Jaymun because I want him actually here with us on earth. Now at night it's so quiet and peaceful in the house and I miss hearing the noise that Jaymun makes from running around.

I really loved having a baby brother like Jaymun. He was very special because he loved surprises and things like jumping on the trampoline with us made him really happy. He didn't stay still for very long and he was always moving.

I will really miss him forever. I know he's up in heaven now. I hope he's riding on a real live crocodile. He would sure love that!

I love you, Jaymun. Forever and ever.

From your big brother,