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From Nurse Andy


Dear Jaymun,

As I type these words and try to ponder up what to say to you, I am struck with a whirlwind of emotions just thinking of our time together and moments shared.

Remember how much fun we had at the hospital together? I know the hospital is usually not a fun place to be in, but I always remember you smiling and cheerful there. I know you made the hospital, aka work, a fun place for me. Remember peek-a-boo behind the pharmacy door, taking Elmo's blood pressure and blowing up gloves until they popped with Dad? You loved that and would always say "'Nother one, 'nother one!" and Dad and I would keep going until we were blue in the face. Remember how many times I would pull you up on your crib and how much you would laugh? I still remember and laugh when I think of the one time you really scared me with your "Roar!" from the crib in the dark when my eyes hadn't adjusted yet upon entering your room. Remember when I visited you in clinic and you were so talkative that day and wanted to show me around the whole clinic, taking me by the hand outside your room while the doctor wondered where you had disappeared to? That day, in the waiting area, you stacked so many toys on me and then wanted to climb up on them. You are so funny.

The best memories, without a doubt, were away from the hospital, in your domain. I remember how ecstatic you were when you saw me come to the front door at your house. You were beside yourself, talking a mile a minute and pulling me upstairs, downstairs, and then outside. You had so much to show me and we had so much to do. Remember how much fun we had on the trampoline and then for the walk in the woods on my shoulders with your walking stick that you kept hitting me in the head with because you were so happy and excited?
I was so sad when you started crying because I stayed on the trampoline with your brothers after you had got down. You just wanted to spend as much time as possible with me and did not want to share me with your brothers. Later, when it came time to leave, you were crying because you did not want me to go. I didn't want to go either, buddy. I am honored how much you loved spending time with me and you are a friend in the truest sense of the word.

Lastly, I will always remember the second time I came to visit you at home. This was right before you got sick again and I could tell you weren't yourself. You looked kind of tired but mustered up a smile and a burst of energy to show me some of your Thomas and Spongebob videos and your train sets. We did not do the walk or the trampoline that day. I remember you sitting on my lap at one point during lunch. You got tired and started to fall asleep in my arms. You held me so close and so tight before I brought you to your crib. It was like you knew something that I didn't.
I wish I could be in that moment right now, still holding you, even tighter and just a bit longer...

At the time, it seemed like an ordinary day with you but now, looking back, it was an extraordinary day and all the days spent with you were extraordinary. You have taught me to always be happy by counting your blessings and never, ever take anything for granted. You lived life with such joy and fulfillment.

But, you know what? Your life lives on through me and others. Your Mom gave me the best gift ever: a dog tag chain necklace with a picture of us playing the Wii at the hospital. I'm sure you remember. You were so excited to play with me in the hall. I wish I could have had more time to play with you at work. I wear this necklace everyday to work and pretty much everywhere else too. It hangs close to my heart, just like you. I think of you everyday and am reminded of you at work and at play. Thanks for teaching me life's important lessons. I miss you so much.

Your buddy,
"Ohndee Ohndee"