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From Amber, With Love


The following was written by one of Jaymun's favorite people, Amber Kern, age fourteen. We will always love her for how she made a certain curly-haired little boy so very happy. The photo below was taken of Amber and Jaymun on Jaymun's third birthday in July of 2009.

Jaymun Kaat lived a short life, but it was one that was greatly enjoyed and appreciated. I would often come over to the house to hang out with his sister Kirsten. Of course, Jaymun had no doubt in his mind that I was only there to play with him. Walking through the door, he would call me upstairs to play with him in his kitchen. Giving me some eggs and milk and ice cream to eat, he showed me all the wonders of his fantastic kitchen. Then letting his three year old attention span take over, he would rush to get his train set out. Down the stairs he would go. Helping me out, we set up the tracks and trains. Kirsten would come over and join us. We played tricks on Jaymun and saw how many trains we could sneak away from the tracks before he would notice.

After at least a good hour of trains, he would move on to the next thing. Running upstairs, he would call, "Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs!" (meaning Night at the Museum movie) or "Thomas! Thomas!" Of course sometimes he would change his mind and watch Spongebob instead--singing the theme song loudly and happily.

Then it was time for books. Running downstairs again in the middle of his show, he would call me along. Grabbing a book, he thrust it into my hands and waited for me to take a seat. Crawling up next to me, I would begin. Once I got a page or two into the book and wanted to see how it ended, he would get up and grab another or even an huge pile. Soon enough he would give up on the book idea and go back to his train set.

Then when we would get a snack, he would gulp it down eagerly. Unless there was something on our plates that he would like better. Then he would get up and even hop onto my lap. He would remain there until he grabbed the food he wanted. Then off he would go like he didn't do anything.

All day would go like this. Kirsten and I would have to wait until Jaymun's naptime before we could actually hang out together. But I was glad to be Jaymun's "girlfriend" and I hope he knows that his "Ahm-ber" loved him and will always love him very much. Every day is one day closer to seeing my first boyfriend again.