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January 12, 2009


One year ago today, I had a little boy who turned exactly two and a-half years old

One year ago today, I had a little boy who loved to push a chair across the floor, right up to the kitchen sink. He was fascinated by the water that came from the faucet and he loved to make a mess with it.

One year ago today, I had a little boy who begged me to put on his winter boots so he could clomp around in them. They made quite the fashion statement with his flannel Elmo pajamas. But who could argue with a toddlers logic when it came to accessorizing?

One year ago today, I had a little boy that decided the Christmas bells hanging on the door would be better suited as a belt around his hips. He thought the sound of them jingling was wonderful as he walked through the house.

One year ago today, I thanked God that I had a little boy who had made it to the age where he could enjoy a gift from the Make A Wish Foundation and I looked forward to the fun in store for him as I hung up from the phone conversation with their coordinator.

One year ago today, as I snapped these photos of him enjoying himself in the morning hours after breakfast and later sighed as I wiped up enormous puddles off my kitchen floor, I couldn't imagine anything better than being able to dry off a soggy-pajamaed, boot-steppin', jingle-bell-wearin' toddler...

...and today, one year later, I still can't.