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Lots of Pictures


Don't ask me why I'm still following up on this ...Dutch stubbornness I guess.
       ...but tonight with some help I struck the motherlode!
Most of you are probably going to yawn or smile, but my geek appetite just got a huge boost :)
Check out these sites (sorry I can't post their pictures here - they are copyrighted)
     hematologyatlas.com (very cool ...check out the maturation sequence images)

Compare with the pictures of Jaymun's slides I have received so far:

Various images from Jaymun's bone marrow, CSF fluid, and peripheral blood
(2008 and 2009)
    see first file

Various images from Jaymun's peripheral blood Sep 10 - Sep 12 2009
     see second file
(Image from Jaymun's 10/10/2009 peripheral blood)

Now I need someone to help me brush up on microscope operation...