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In regards to my attempts to get comprehensive pictures of whatever is left of Jaymun's slides
(which I started already in mid-September)
I have hit a major obstacle. (See my post on Nov 7, and my post on Oct 29.)

At 1:42 pm today, I received a phone call from Altheia (the director of the lab). She was pleasant, but said her hands are tied by the legal and regulatory system at Children's Hospital. She could not offer any explanation as to why pictures were missing from the 9th in the last file they sent me, but she has been advised by their legal department that they cannot even send me more of those kind of pictures. She said they need all furthur requests to come from a licensed physician, but when I reminded her our family physician already did that a month ago even while they kept discarding slides, she said even if a physician requested, they would only give the paper reports they have already produced, not the slides.

So basically they have internal regulations that prohibit anyone other than a Children's Hospital Employee to view slides.

She said she has gone as far as she can, and cannot give me comprehensive pictures of any slides for my own interpretation (or to post here). She said she still has the slides, and will turn them over to the legal department, and that I will need to contact them. I immediately told her I would, and to keep the slides safe.

I got her to promise to email me the name of an attorney in their legal department who I could talk to (someone named Sharon). I'm waiting for her email response, but I'm not sure what to do at this point. Would I need to hire a lawyer just to get information? Why would I want to do that? And with what money? Meanwhile I assume the slides keep fading.
I wonder how long one would be able to interpret cell morphology?

I wonder if any other parents have ever asked to see blood or marrow slides?