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Doing Our Part ...Doing Your Part


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Sometimes this website might seem like a disjointed snapshot of scenes. We have other responsibilities (children, friends, customers, employees, etc.) ...a good part of the story is "off camera".

So I thought it might be good to let you all know that, difficult as this time is, the reason I still pore over some of the details is to learn and record information while it is fresh. I do recognize that the light of hindsight will always uncover mistakes and there were undoubtedly many hands helping Jaymun including my own that were not perfect even though intentions were loving. I suppose if I get irritated with others I'm really getting irritated at myself and there is a better way. Even though my emotions are on a roller-coaster, I'm trying hard to stay positive because I think God wants us to learn and grow together.

Jaymun was a beautiful gift and between all the memories we can listen to what God teaches us here.
I think a larger lesson is not to insist upon perfect parents and doctors,
     ...but to build new and unique support systems for families whose time is running out.
We do not need hundreds of parents sleeping only two hours per night
     ...we need to make last days more special and meaningful in ways hospitals wish they could.

I am brimful of ideas for those systems.
We have a growing list of hundreds of supporters world-wide, and good friends thinking and praying.
However, right now the time is for Jennifer and I to rest, pray, and grieve the loss of our little man
     ...to bless our family and friends who held us up with love and prayers,
     ...and to reward our patient employees and customers who supported us through a long and difficult three years.

Meanwhile, what you can do is help me gather resources.
Help Jennifer build our memory book.
Respond to my post about being Jaymun's helper.
Give to the Jaymun Foundation ...we will start blessing some struggling people.
Thank You!