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10:00 PM

Jaymun's kidneys are not putting out urine for hours.
We increased the "pressors" to try to keep his kidney's perfused
but the oxygenation of his brain has been falling all day.

The doctor just spent time with Jennifer and me.
He said he would be very happy to be wrong, but renal failure has put Jaymun into a spiral of organ failure that he will not survive.

(renal and cerebral oxygen saturation monitor 10/13/09 3:41 am)
White line is renal (back sat) and blue line is cerebral (head sat)

ps. in hindsight I wondered if we should have given him fluids (albumin) during the day rather than increasing the vasopressors. At this point I was so tired, and I think everyone was giving up because the doctors weren't hanging around the room ...questions got relayed from the nurse to someone else, and although I worried all day outloud about falling cerebral perfusion, either there weren't any answers or people weren't worried about the numbers on the monitor.