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Journal, Blood, - 10/12/2009

3:31 AM
This evening will commence the third week we are in intensive care. Whatever the reasons, our lives were interrupted as if an unseen hand had transplanted us into this alternate reality of suffering.

Last evening as I was thinking about it, I realized something isn't quite right.
Granted, the Intensive Care Unit environment is one where the punches keep coming, and sometimes it seems like you are reacting more than directing the pace of the fight.

But there is one thing we can do, and that is set the mood.
We need music.
Jaymun is in there, drifting in and out. He needs to hear comforting sounds out here, rather than just machines, people, prodding, and pain.

And this is where you can help. Jennifer and I are both tired, but last night when I started receiving the first songs, I could feel new strength and peace (see Jaymun's guestbook).
I want to make this environment one of celebration. Jaymun is a vibrant little man, and our God lives forever.

I am thoroughly tired of reporting vital statistics and problems
...I'd rather tell you what songs we played, and what nice things we did for him (massages, washed his hair, etc.)
There are a different set of rules for this game. I know Who the Scorekeeper Is ...by His rules we win big.

I know the angels love music, and I'm asking God to have a strong team of them all around.
This is something you can help do for Jaymun so he will wake up to something beautiful.

03:15 PM
Thank you everyone for the song suggestions ...I've got to get caught up on updating the guestbook from the emails flooding in. I took a few hour snooze this afternoon (only got 2 hours sleep last night).

For those of you who want details to pray about I'm just going to tell you the positive things we decided this morning.
Please pray that they are blessed.
#1) To give his liver a fighting chance we are stopping or weaning as many medications as possible (antibiotics, antifungals, steroids, etc.).
#2) To keep his kidneys producing volume we will maintain higher blood pressure and diuretics.
#3) In an attempt to help his stomach/intestines start working again, we are weaning sedation (continuing to switch to methadone as a stepping stone).
#4) To help his immune system recover we using steroids as sparingly as possible.
#5) To make his kidneys produce more (meaningful output) we are trying a remedy containing asparagus, juniper, goldenrod, milk-thistle, etc.

Jaymun is trying weakly to take some of his own breaths over the ventilator, and clenching our hands a bit stronger.

There is beautiful music playing in the room ...each of your songs is special.
I wonder what memories they bring back to the angels watching around his bed?