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Journal, Blood - 9/19/2009

A couple of notes from this week's hospital visits. Between labs, NG tube replacement, clinic visit, and procedures it seemed like we spent half the week running back and forth. Actually the drive isn't all that bad, especially if it is before 10:30 in the morning (sausage McGriddles are just so tasty... :)

Usually when we leave the hospital, as we walk down the long skywalk Jaymun wants a cookie from the little cafe. We try to snag an oatmeal raisin, but they disappear first and we settle for a peanut butter or sugar cookie. However, twice this week they saved an oatmeal raisin cookie, all morning beside the cash-register. Very impressive! Through all the hundreds of daily contacts, they still maintain the personal touch ...Jaymun gets his cookie. Thanks Marge!

Yesterday Jaymun was miserable with his cold - he didn't want anyone touching or messing with him. Jennifer and I tried teasing him and loosening him up once we got into the exam room, but it was a challenge. However Dr. Kelly is a pro ...he walked in, instantly apprised the situation, managed to get Jaymun into a little tussling match, and succesfully examined him.

So we are at home with Jaymun, going in for labs more often these days, but haven't done any chemo since Sep 4.
We are (temporarily?) back to exclusively herb/spice/mushroom treatments, because that is what worked last year.

I suspect the IT chemo routine in August caused more trouble and complications than it was worth.
At least now Jaymun is running around at home, despite 25% tumor in his marrow and CNS leukemia.
Pray that we find a way out of this trouble without more heartache.