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Journal, Blood, CSF, VNTR, Marrow, FISH, Chromo - 9/18/2009

Jaymun's bone-marrow aspiration today showed 25% blasts (leukemic cells)
    ...it "drew hard" per the doctor.
They sent it in for chromosome tests and VNTR.
Peripheral blood blasts were back down to 1% (from 2% yesterday).
Platelets went up a tick to 40
Liver numbers were significantly worse (ALT/AST and LDH)

And his CSF was at 7 nucleated cells and 41% blasts on the diff.

Jaymun woke up miserable this morning (cold symptoms), and the entire day was tough for him.
Because of hospital procedures he couldn't eat today until this afternoon, and that meant no supplements until we got home and I found out the marrow test results after supper. Funny thing is, 1 hour after 7:00 PM dose, he was giggling and tickling me. He was fooling around so much I could hardly get his pajamas on. I tickled his armpits while I was taking his shirt off and so he thought it was a huge joke to try doing the same thing to me. When I put him to bed he hid under his pillow and then threw it at me.

I'm tired, and going to spend time with the family. I'll try to finish posting tomorrow morning.