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This week was finally a very good week for Jaymun. He is having more fun, running around the house, talking alot, resuming all normal activities, sleeping well, eating heartily, chasing his dog, etc.

This evening was one big rambunctious, shrieking wrestle-fest with his brothers. His color is great and his balance and fine motor skills look normal. Although Jen caught a bad cold a few days ago and is still feeling awful, Jaymun has squeaked by so far with only a few sniffles (probably because we are stimulating his immune system so heavily).

I'm not sure what we should be feeling, considering that last Friday we learned this is pretty much a full-relapse, with blood and CNS involvement. Although we aren't doing any intravenous chemo (just herbal/spice/mushroom doses), his blasts went down this week, and his platelets and ANC have been going back up.

We'll go down tomorrow morning (Saturday) again for labs, and to consult. I'm not sure if his marrow infection would be following a different trend than his peripheral blood, but I have some new "heavy hitter" herbal remedies, and I am feeling a lot more comfortable with timing and dosages, when and why. Plus, now that all the complications from the past month are out of the way, I can start to see predictable responses. Also, I now thoroughly mix yogurt (at least 1 to 2 ratio) with every single dose, and that completely eliminates the NG tube clogging problem - also the nausea issue, and the "no curcumin on an empty stomach" prohibition.

So these days actually feel somewhat normal. It's hard to think that this sparkly, energetic boy would have to go through more months of chemo (transplant/radiation?). I'm not thinking about that today, or tonight. I just walked around the house holding Jaymun upside down by his legs while he giggled and yelled, then set him down and he charged off wanting me to chase him. Life hasn't been so lovely for weeks!

Thank you for praying. God is good.