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Jen and I are unfortunately used to being slammed with bad news. I've been watching Jaymun's clinical symptoms plateau the past weeks, and his platelet numbers have been gradually falling.

Granted, Jaymun has been struggling because of medication imbalance (seizure meds), an emergency surgery (leaky ommaya reservoir), possible bacterial meningitis, and this past week of antibiotics (which alter the probiotic gut balance).
I've been holding off alternative treatment to help sort out clinical observation.

The combination seems to have overwhelmed the fragile control his immune system maintains over the cancer.
Last week we saw the "GVHD rashes" break out more intensely on his arms.

Yesterday at Clinic there were blasts in his peripheral blood again.
They were ugly leukemic blasts, and that means marrow infiltration :(

This weekend is with family and friends ...going to the fair ...making 'smores ...out on the lake
Next Tuesday we will go back for more blood tests and probably marrow aspiration.

This disease keeps attacking, Jaymun keeps fighting.

This afternoon for an hour he sat at the kitchen table driving a toy through the remains of a peanut-butter sandwich.
For a second I was going to scold, but then I thought, "maybe he sees something I don't."
So I emptied half the jar out on the table to play with ...it's only peanut butter (good source of Omega 3).

Wait till his mother sees this fine specimen of photography :)