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Tuesday's MRI showed resolution or significant improvement of all problems in Jaymun's brain (see report).
    (we knew that already, because Jaymun is back to bossing his older brothers around :)

July 19 we started with the bi-weekly "Triple" intrathecals, combined with intensified herbal treatments.
It took less than two weeks (three treatments) to achieve CSF with zero blasts!!!

The doc says Jaymun is doing far better than he would ever have expected, especially considering he has relapsed AML (2nd relapse) post BMT ...that resisted previous treatment
   (last year: Ara-C, Toputecan, Methotrexate, 2-CDA, Idarubacin)
Last summer Jaymun got something like 18 ...eighteen intrathecal chemo treatments that failed to control his disease.

Everyone seems to agree that the combination of treatments (chemo / herbal) is making a huge difference.
Methotrexate and Ara-C are powerful anti-metabolites. (like intense doses of Green-Tea).
Having the weekly "triples" are efficient because I can focus lower doses of the natural stuff
to target IAP's (Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins), manage cell cycle control, etc.

However ...my purpose for this post isn't to go into a long treatment discussion.
I just wanted to let you all know that Jaymun is doing so very well :)
Better every day.

Praise the Lord!