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Journal, Blood, CSF - 8/04/2009

Jaymun is slowly improving.
We've had too much going on ...I'll get this site caught up (tests, and such) when I have time.

Yeah..... about that frustrated, unproductive "rant" last week.
After some thought I concluded it didn't really reflect respect for the hardworking, loving people we know, and that it might hinder helping others ...so I took it down until I can figure out a better way to say what I mean.
I was angry at the system and, to be honest, with my own self ...lashed out a bit.
Sorry everyone.

Today was another chemo day and it went smooth, although Jaymun is home snuggling with mommy right now recovering.
For all the discomfort last Friday, the number that really mattered was this:

Zero CSF Blasts last Friday!

If it stays that way then we have one more chemo after today (this Friday).
In-between we're working the herbal treatments (not on chemo days)

God is good.