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Perking Up

Journal, Blood - 7/25/2009

This weekend Dr. Warwick was working the unit. She was Jaymun's admitting oncologist three years ago. Since then rotations have been such that she hasn't seen Jaymun very often. So imagine how impressed I was when after examining Jaymun and noting his surgery recovery pace she remarked "remember ...he also had a gradual recovery after his initial central-line surgery". Wow, that was three years ago and I wonder how many kids she has seen between then and now? Now THERE's a good doctor!

Jaymun is slowly perking up. I left Jennifer here at the hospital for the day so I could sneak away with the boys to camp. It was good to get a break.

Speaking of camp: Commander Bob hasn't changed. I remember 10 years ago when Ben was little ...Bob had a group of the little guys holding the end of his shaver cord and shuffling in the dirt to "generate electricity" so he could shave. Funny thing was if they stopped, the shaver would turn off. Imagine that!
Bob has upgraded that "mechanism" to a light wand connected to a wire and sure enough, with enough kids holding hands in a circle connected to the wire, shuffling fast enough the light turns on!
Sean was amazed (Devon chuckled with Ben and us older guys when told about it).

Jennifer said there was mild but steady improvement with Jaymun all day. Nurse Kelly helped cheer him up, and everybody is praying for him.