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Happy Birthday Dear Andy!


We couldn't let the day pass without making sure we celebrate Jaymun's bestest buddy Nurse Andy. If you could see how much Jaymun adores him, you'd know why we love Andy so much. He's been Jaymun's nurse since he was only three weeks old, but their friendship really blossomed last summer when Jaymun was in the HOT unit the second time. Jaymun follows him around like a puppy dog and if I had to guess, I'd say Andy doesn't mind his little shadow one bit!

And what would a birthday post be without some photos? Some of these you may have seen already, but I've purposely saved a few new ones for Andy's special day....

...You know you have a great nurse when he takes time out to drive to your house and visit...

...In clinic this past fall and during our current hospital visit right now...

I always tease Andy that we would gladly adopt him if his wife would sign the papers. (Although I do think I'd have my hands full with both him and Dave!) He has been a very welcome addition to our nursing care for Jaymun these past three years and I couldn't imagine having it any other way--even if he and Dave have long, tedious "geeky" medical discussions regularly in my presence.

As if it's not already obvious from the above photos that Jaymun loves him, I think this one seals the deal. :) Andy had visited us last week for Jaymun's birthday and spent the morning at our house. Jaymun had been pretty sick the day before and we were getting worried that he was showing signs of another relapse. Jaymun was ready for his nap and gave Andy one last final hug goodbye. I call Jaymun a little "koala bear" because he loves to snuggle and hang on to us when he's not feeling well. I think it's pretty apparent that Andy's going to make a wonderful daddy someday!

Happy Birthday Andy. We wish you
another year of many blessings!

Love, The Kaats