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Journal, Blood - 7/23/2009

Jaymun had surgery today to place an ommaya in his lumbar region. That is a port for easy access to spinal fluid.

This surgery was a big deal, and ideally Jaymun has to lay flat for 24 hours. He has had some morphine for the pain. He just doesn't understand why this keeps happening. He says "help me Mommy" or "help me Daddy".

Then tonight he started having seizures again. The levels of his anti-seizure medicine had dipped so they gave him a bolus.

If you can tell that I'm tired, you are right.
Yesterday (because of chemo) and today (because of surgery) I held off on any herbal treatments.
But tonight he had a seizure anyway. So I started them back up again.

We are having a very good relationship with the entire staff here. The doctors are especially communicative and so far I am satisfied that we are considering the options properly and not closing doors out of preconceived opinions.

We're watching Jaymun to see how he is reacting. And we're praying God to lead us safely through this.

And that is something you all can help with. Thank You!