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Night and Day

Journal, Blood, CSF, MRI - 7/22/2009

Jaymun started the day out in sad shape. He couldn't eat because of his scheduled procedures (lumbar puncture and Picc line) which require sedation. I tried to distract him in the playroom. It was there that I realized the reason for most of his annoying cries. He couldn't move his left leg properly. Jaymun couldn't stand without help, walk properly, or even crawl (left leg dragged behind).

So they scheduled an MRI to be done after his spinal tap ...and those were the main events today. The MRI today showed what the CT Scan did on Saturday in more detail, and uncovered another Chloroma :(
There actually are several "brain areas" with leukemic involvement ...one near the motor strip in his brain (hence the left leg movement problems) and the other in the area that handles balance.

The good news is that his nucleated cells
went DOWN from 246 to 32
(blast percentage reduced from
96% on Saturday to 42% today).
Thank God!

After his intrathecal chemo,
Jaymun perked up almost instantly.
The rest of the day he returned to
his old self ...playing Wii with
Nurse Andy, laughing, yelling, etc.
So I guess that emphasizes how sensitive
he is to any little bit of CNS leukemia.

He is using his leg properly again.
And we are doing our best
to make sure it stays that way.