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So Far So Good...


Jaymun had a bone-marrow aspiration and a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) this morning.
He was busy reading his "Thomas the Train" book and showing Heather "the twain".
I wrote THOMAS on the white board, and he phonetically spelled it for Lynette.

Jaymun doesn't like the anesthesia - he can see the mask coming and he kicks around a little.
Other than that the procedures went smoothly.

To say we are all curious as to the outcome is quite an understatement. Those CNS blasts poke above the radar, and then we "whack em down" with herbs, then they come back. This is the third time.

Are they gone again? We are waiting on the results ...although we do know already that
    ...the CSF count had only one white cell
    ...the marrow flow was normal.

We should know more tommorrow and I'll post the results here.

So a miniscule amount of blasts still present, but much less than two weeks ago
      ...from 40% down to 7% !!!

Bone Marrow Aspirate 06/01/2009

CSF Cytology

CSF Cell Count