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Pray For Little Kaitlin


Right now, if you are a praying person and if you believe that our Father in heaven really listens to our requests, and loves to champion the little ones... here is an opportunity to talk to Him about a little girl ...one of Jaymun's friends around the world that Jaymun doesn't even know about yet.

There is a little girl up in Canada fighting for her life. Her name is Kaitlin and she needs your prayers. She has Jaymun's kind of cancer (AML), and she already had a bone-marrow transplant, and relapsed. Her parents say there is scant hope in further traditional treatment, but they are trying everything they can to save her life.

Her dad just let me know that because of her low immune system she has a fever this weekend.

Please pray for her, and ask your church families to pray for her.

Just now, as you are reading this, pause ...and pray for Kaitlin.

I know you can do it ...when Jaymun was in crisis thousands of you were praying every day.
This week we all have a special job to do. Let's remind our Father in Heaven how little Kaitlin needs His help.
      Her parents need comfort, strength, and guidance.
      Her immune system needs to recover.
      She needs protection from infections.
      The cancerous cells need to be eliminated.

Our Father in Heaven is in charge of this entire world. He has thousands of angels at His command
...He can but speak the word and anything will be done.

Let all us Christian people agree in prayer constantly, this entire week
...requesting that Kaitlin will be kept safe, and delivered from this disease.

Jesus suffered, died, and rose to bring healing for the helpless
...let's plead that for Kaitlin.

Thank you!

Sunday May 17...

Kaitlin Vanderhoek went home to be with her Lord yesterday.
Please pray for her family as they grieve and celebrate her life.