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Tests ...Golf ...Coffee


It's always reassuring to talk with Dr. Talano, Jaymun's BMT doc.
She balances expertise, frankness, and empathy, I guess the word I'm looking for is poise.

There were confusing times through the past years when I felt like venting frustrations on
whichever doctor happened to be closest at the time.
Sometimes that would have been her I guess - but I'm sure all the docs understand "parental anxiety".
Maybe they need a "bad cop" on the team ...but Dr. Talano isn't that one.
(haha I'm going to refrain from further teasing ...you know we love you all :)
Oh the power of having one's own website... (grin)

Anyhow ...it was good to hear her voice yesterday afternoon: Jaymun's head CT was clear.
And this morning Heather informed us: his VNTR was still 100% donor.

We'll wait 'till after Easter to plan next steps for surveiling those nasty CSF blasts that reappeared Monday.

Jaymun is not happy about the NG
...this morning I put in his first herbal dose and he could feel it going down
...I'm sure he thought he was past all that annoyance.
For the moment we're focusing (again) on things that will cross the BBB (blood-brain barrier).

Jaymun has discovered big brother Ben's golf clubs.
Now all he wants to do is drag around a putter and go outside and push balls.
I suppose it is in his genes
...long line of expert golfers - Grandpa and great uncles (all I can do is hook and slice :)
...and cousin Keith supplying half the golf balls hit around Europe.

On another note ...one of life's great pleasures is the morning cup of coffee.
I've experimented with many varieties and methods with which to slowly savor the steaming stuff.
Or how to jump off with a jolt of "java-juice"

Anyhow (grin), last week up North I rediscovered an old favorite that even Canadians can't screw up (eh, Bob :)
...the "shot-in-the dark" otherwise known as the "red-eye".
A tall cup of the blackest, boldest coffee, with a shot of espresso to boot.

Today I tried a variation: TWO shots in the dark - topped off with a dash of half 'n half.
I suppose that's a poor-man's cappuccino.

H-Highly r-r-rrecommended :)