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Been Busy


Hello everyone... We're all doing well. Thank you for constantly checking up on us.

Jaymun is such an energetic two-year-old. Every day he is learning something new. His latest thing is to stand on a chair by the sink and gargle water ...spitting it back and laughing. I think he saw me do it, and of course he wants to be like Dad. Problem is, last night he walked all around the house with a cup of water, gargling, and spitting it onto the floor - by the time I caught him there were puddles all around on the hardwood.

Then he knows how to open the refrigerator and/or freezer and climb up to reach almost anything he wants. Yesterday he figured out that, while ice cream is hard to serve himself, whipped cream he can just dig his hands into! Last night I kept putting the whipped cream higher up in the fridge and behind things so he couldn't find it.

This morning I walked into the kitchen to find him sitting at the counter with both hands deep in the cream, his face and shirt plastered with it, and a total innocent look on his face. He was so heartbroken when I took it away
...ahhh ...lessons of life :)

He knows most of his letters already - is always pointing them out when he sees them.
We taught him phonetically - one new letter every week or two
...so now he'll get all excited, point at a letter, and say the sound "mmmmm, ffffff, aaahhhhh, buuh, ssss, puh, etc."

I've been busy working on my "Alternative AML Maintenance Therapy Plan" for Jaymun.
There's a part of my AML apoptosis studies (october) that I didn't include yet in the more recent review I posted (last month).
That has to do with the bone marrow stromal environment and how it protects cancer (bad) and inhibits apoptosis (higher Bcl-2 levels). I'm still trying to find some of the studies I had read, and organize how/which we accomplished - like assisting marrow recovery while mobilizing / treating / homing - as a part of Jaymun's "herbal" treatment. Lately when I have extra time I've been re-reading studies about beta-glucans (yeast) (mushroom).

Also, as far as writing things, I started a thread over on the LLS forum, been busy there and not here - sorry.
It seems some people over there are shocked at the thought of using alternative medicine to fight leukemia.
Disclaimer: I am not recommending for people with AML to simply swallow herbal tablets either. I do not see any way to fight leukemia without regular tests and clinical observation. However, based on what I've learned, I do see the future day when upon AML diagnosis, the doc gives you your "herbs", you take them morning, noon, and night, you are clear in few weeks, continue maintenance for a few months, and thats it. Cost $500 (tell that to Obama - herbs solve the health crisis :)

I suppose uneducated people will scoff, just like they did at Linus Pauling. I'm not suggesting I have his intellect, but I have Google and can read the studies of those who do.

Like I said somewhere else, if this wasn't so darn serious, lives at stake, I'd bet thousands of dollars I could cure half the relapsed AML bmt patients that modern medicine gives up on - with simple herb and mushroom regimens, alternative medicine, treating cancer with food like MD Anderson published about ...as long as we started in time. But this isn't a game, I am not a doctor, and I understand medicine needs to have a careful march forward (slow?). I just shudder at reading blogs of those who died fighting, unaware that there are serious, evidence based, alternatives for leukemia therapy based on other systems (Chinese, Indian, etc.) of medicine. Also I am sad for those still fighting hard possibly unaware of the available tools.

I suppose making this public is somewhat cathartic for me, and possibly just part of me dealing with
the trauma from last year. In any case I hope we can help people in similarly hopeless situations as we were then.

Thank you again for checking up on us
...will try to get back into the swing of posting this month.