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Unlikely Bedfellows


Jaymun's latest obsession came as a bit of a surprise to us. His brother Ben sat down with him about a month or two ago and showed him a picture and video of a crocodile on the Internet and that was it. Jaymun is hooked on "croc-diles", as he calls them. Everything is about crocodiles now. We have to draw crocodiles, look at books and pictures of crocodiles and watch crocodile videos (Jaymun is fascinated with Steve Irwin's love for the scaly reptile. He and the Crocodile Hunter would have been kindred spirits, it seems!). Jaymun's favorite Christmas present was his stuffed crocodile (photo above). "Croc-Dile" goes everywhere Jaymun goes. Jaymun sleeps with him, drags him around the house, and even talks to him.

But lest you think Jaymun's other companion, Elmo, is out of the picture, don't worry. Elmo and Croc-Dile are great buds and hold equal space in Jaymun's heart. Croc-Dile's been on his best behavior and hasn't tried to take even a nibble out of Elmo (yet). I have to laugh when I peek into Jaymun's crib and see this rather unique sleeping arrangement!