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The ER--Our Second Home


I apologize to those of you who have been checking in and wondering what's been going on after Dave posted about my accident in December. I am up and moving around, still limping a bit from my knee and back and sore in all the places that got banged up and bruised from the collision. The accident certainly wasn't a welcome event considering everything else our family has been through in 2008, but I am truly grateful that my injuries weren't more severe--and definitely thankful that I'm still here to talk about it.

Jaymun's central line in his chest cracked this past weekend and so we had to make another unplanned visit to the ER at Children's Saturday night. They were able to snip off the old tubing and fix brand new lumens (or lines) without having to completely remove the central line itself inside his chest. The concern is always the risk of infection getting inside the lines when it cracks, but I think Jaymun's going to be just fine. He got his second wind after his line was replaced (around 10:30 PM) so we went upstairs to the HOT unit to say hello to the third shift nurses. He helped himself to a piece of their cake in the break room and settled himself on a chair behind the nurses' station, just like old times. When we had to leave, he got upset that it was time to go. I think he would have been perfectly happy bunking in a room there overnight!

So, even though three members of our family have been to the emergency room in a matter of just under three weeks, we feel blessed that we were all able to spend Christmas together and we're looking forward to 2009 being a year of completely blissful uneventfulness. (Hopefully.) And speaking of 2009....

I am going to make one of my New Year's resolutions to be better about posting on Jaymun's website. Nothing drastic, maybe a goal of a weekly entry. It would be helpful to me if I knew what people enjoyed most about visiting here--medical updates? photos? profound stories of great insight and wisdom? (only kidding, the profound wisdom happens but once in a blue moon), ramblings from Dave about his latest scientific discoveries/three hundred links to more scientific studies? (Are you able to follow any of those? Me neither.) If there is something in particular that you like, please let me know. Otherwise, you get what you get.

Happy New Year Everyone!