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Car Accident - Head on Collision


Jennifer was taking Devon to piano lessons last night when an oncoming pickup truck hit her head on. The guy was trying to make a quick left turn in front of her, and instead nailed the drivers side front of her van. This was the third time this guy was cited for driving with out a license (and without insurance). He was arrested and is sitting in jail.

Devon and Jennifer rode in separate ambulances - I made it to the scene of the accident in time to drive with Devon. Funny thing was I saw the ambulence go past the window of our office - and something told me it was Jennifer. I argued with myself for a few minutes, and by the time I started packing up - the cops were on my cell phone already.

Devon is sore but ok, and Jennifer is in the hospital - looks like a fractured back and pretty beat up.
Airbags are not fun.
Getting extracted from a vehicle in a snowstorm while slipping in and out of consciousness isn't a great holiday event.

I told Jennifer she can have a couple day break from cooking and cleaning (grin).