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Autumn Reflections


"Today I have grown taller from walking with the trees." -Karl Baker

In the eyes of a two year old, everything becomes an adventure. In the eyes of a two year old who has been cooped up battling cancer in a hospital for months, everything becomes an

Jaymun's summer had an undeniably rocky start and his August turned into a month of much needed healing and recuperating. But his September and October? Well, Jaymun's autumn became a glorious season of frolicking with a brand new puppy and exploring the woods behind our house.

No boy on earth can resist the allure of playing with sticks, can they? On every single walk we take, Jaymun needs to have a stick (or two) in his hands. This is non-negotiable. Of course, his faithful companion has to fully inspect and admire the day's selection as well!

Foraging for pinecones has
become a favorite pasttime...
... and investigating every
nook and cranny of nature's beauty
transforms an ordinary day
into an unexpected treasure hunt.
We have also discovered that a fallen tree
makes an excellent climbing apparatus!

In Jaymun's mind, the only thing better than taking a walk in the woods is taking a walk in the words with his brother. Few things are as precious than the protective love of brothers and sisters for one another. Unless, perhaps, seeing firsthand tender glimpses of just how natural that love can be...