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A Mouse in our House


There's a mouse in our house,
A mouse as cute as can be.
He likes to sneak in through the door
And leaves clues for only me...
` I watch him creep to the kitchen -
He's clever and mischievous too.
First, he comes up with a plan for
Mice love "surprises", it's true!
But don't be fooled by
Our mouse's greatest charms
He uses his blue eyes and sweet, sweet smile
To ward off any alarm.
With his soft little paws
This mousy ransacks one of my drawers
He loves to scatter all my forks,
While tossing spoons upon the floors.
It's on to my cupboards where
He rummages through pots and pans
(Oh, the clatter and noise of small little boys!)
He hurries as fast as he can.
Then Mousy begins to think of escape
He twitches his tail in pursuit
He makes me laugh so very hard
As he scurries outside with his "loot".
All of this work makes my little mouse hungry
He stops for a small bite to eat (say please!)
There's only one treat to satisfy him,
It must be a hunk of some cheese.
Well, the mouse in my house
Has had enough fun for the day
He's ready to greet his family at last
And now it is time to play!