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Thank You!


To all those who visited on Saturday - a great big Thank You!!!
A special thanks to those who spent untold hours organizing and serving (Tammy, Pete, Jeff, Sandy, etc.)
It was heartwarming to feel so much love ...humbling to be "hugged" by this amazing, generous community.
Jaymun is so fortunate, blessed to have you all as a part of his large "family".
We are so grateful for your prayers and loving support.

We visited the hospital this morning for labs and platelets. Last Thursday Jaymun's ANC had fallen to the 300's because from the 6th through the 15th we had given Jaymun a break from his NG tube and so there were no supplements. However, we put the NG back in last week, and over the weekend we got his ANC back up to the 800's.

Some of that boost is just mobilizing cells from his marrow, but his monocytes were up, so that means the supplements (mushrooms, etc.) are also stimulating production. And more good news is that his reticulocyte (baby red cell) count is coming up also (2.1).