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Guess who surprised Jaymun in the clinic today?

Jaymun loves his nurses, plain and simple. Many people think that after everything he went through in the hospital and after being so incredibly sick that he would associate the hospital with pain and sadness. It's quite the opposite. He seems to have nothing but fond memories of the people who took care of him, which is a huge testament to the wonderful care he received this summer. As soon as he enters the hospital, he begins calling out his nurses' names and looks around eagerly, expecting to spot one of them. A few weeks ago, around 2 or 3 in the morning, he woke up restless. As we snuggled in bed with him, he started giggling and listing off his nurses..." Andy (sorry, it's going to take a lot to bump Andy out of the number one spot), Kelly, Kyla, Evelyn, Ryan..." I guess the little guy was missing all of his caregivers!

Andy and Evelyn work third shift, which makes it almost impossible to see them when we take Jaymun to clinic during the day. They stayed after their night shift and waited for us to bring Jaymun in for his appointment yesterday. Jaymun was pretty happy to see them! He spent a good hour showing them all of the toys in the waiting room and most of them ended up piled on Andy's lap (after which Jaymun decided he wanted to sit on top of the pile to be closer to Andy!)

(My apologies for the "fuzziness" of the photos. Fluorescent lighting + moving toddler= less than stellar picture)