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Good Day


Jaymun's spinal tap and bone marrow aspiration went well today.
The final results won't be back until tomorrow sometime.

We'll post here then.

10-7 ...still waiting on test results.

(new month 25 pictures)

Jennifer literally has hundreds of cute pictures of Jaymun. Jaymun and Tucker, Jaymun playing, eating, walking, laughing, crawling, Jaymun in the sandbox, Jaymun swinging, Jaymun walking in the woods, etc.
The trick is getting her to cough them up... (grin)

10-8 ...still waiting on test results. The bone marrow VNTR hasn't come back yet, neither has the final pathology on his CSF fluid. However there is no evidence of leukemia in the marrow flow cytometry, and the preliminary word on the CSF blast percentage is that it might not be zero. Lower or higher? Like I said - still waiting on the final pathology.