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Puppy Love


We have learned since the moment that Jaymun was born that life isn't going to wait for someone to make lasting memories. There isn't always the luxury of time to say, 'Let's wait for...' or 'Maybe in a few years we'll...'. Sometimes when you know that something will bring pure joy to someone at that very moment, you wrap your arms around the chance to make them happy and disregard the inconveniences to yourself.

Uh-oh, you're thinking. They didn't.

We did. Meet Tucker, our new addition to the family:

And yes, we know--isn't five kids enough craziness already? It's possible that we may be just a bit insane from all the uninvited adventure of the last few months. But Jaymun adores 'goggies' and that's reason enough for us. We found a breed that doesn't shed and doesn't irritate our allergies, which alleviates the worries concerning Jaymun's low immune system.

So now we have three weekly visits to clinics and hospitals for transfusions and blood draws, daily flushings of central line lumens, hourly dosages of herbal supplements, the usual chaos that five childrens' schedules bring--and housebreaking a brand new dog. But in our minds, we also have the added joy of watching Jaymun wake up in his crib every morning-with that infamous head of wild, untamed hair all mussed up from sleeping-eagerly asking, 'Where goggie go? Goggie? Where goggie?' We have the gift of a little boy who has been through the fight of his life for the past four months-a little boy who was not expected to even be here today-the gift of seeing his rapturous face as he snuggles a squirming puppy in his chubby arms. We have the privilege of hearing this same child shriek with carefree laughter as a jubilant Tucker licks him with fierce adoration. When his siblings all leave for school in the morning and his beloved daddy goes off to work, Jaymun is able to look forward to hours of playing with his frisky canine buddy.

We may not be able to take Jaymun out in public for fear of exposing his weak immune system to countless germs and viruses.

But we're able to play outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, go for long walks, and just enjoy living.

I don't know about you, but these little moments are the ones that I treasure the most in life.

The simple everyday ones.

Mainly because we weren't so sure we'd ever have them again just a few short months ago. The horror of living with cancer everyday is that it robs you of hope that tomorrow is a given.

We know it isn't and so we cherish the blessings of living for today.

And really, there can't possibly be anything sweeter than the sight of a feisty, curly-haired toddler with his adoring pup by his side, now can there?

We didn't think so.

(Click here for more puppy photos.)

P.S. Sean wanted his 'people' at the hospital to know that he lost his very first tooth. He suggested that it would be fun for everyone reading Jaymun's website to see a photo...