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Celebration ...Then Sober Reminder


Dr. Talano called this morning and said even though yesterday they couldn't see any leukemia in Jaymun's spinal fluid
on the slide, the results came back from when the machines spun down the fluid and they could see a trace amount of blasts (less than when we came home at the end of July - but still a small smouldering amount visible).

This is an example of why, as parents, you are almost afraid to be happy, or how much to rejoice.
The overall news yesterday was still very good, but there is a little "fly in the ointment".

So... what to do?

Normally they would do CNS radiation at this point. Certainly an option would be to have a "trial" where we would repeat the August "Jaymun" herbal protocol, do another spinal tap, and see if the cancer has disappeared from sight.
If that fails, I am not sure whether we consider radiation at that point or not because even that has no promise of cure and it could certainly make him alot sicker.
Our family will be having some serious discussions tonight.

Also on a lighter note... Uncle Gib mentioned that since the August "protocol" included Jaymun getting a ride on his Harley - maybe the noise and vibrations from his Harley helped? We could do that again also - louder, more revving... etc. (grin).

In any case, pray that God gives us all wisdom, humility, and strength to listen, obey, and care for Jaymun properly.

Also pray for Anna (Uncle Gib's granddaughter / Jaymun's 2nd cousin). She is just starting her bone marrow transplant conditioning down at Children's. Could very well be in one of Jaymun's old rooms.

God knows the little ones wherever they are.