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Celebrating Answers to Prayer


I could try to find some poetic way to say this, or frame this news by the medical facts of the past years, or talk about our emotions and the hundreds of thousands of prayers sent aloft around the globe for little Jaymun,
but I'll just "cut to the chase" and spit it out.

Jaymun's spinal tap today showed Zero White Cells, and Zero Red Cells (on the slide)!

His peripheral blood VNTR from last Thursday (9/4) is also 100% Donor!
And his marrow shows no leukemic cells.

So that means that, while we still can't for sure say he is in remission (because his counts are still recovering),
it is very close. At the very least, Jaymun is much better than when we came home when logically he should have been much worse.

So there was so much celebration, giddyness, shock, hugs, tears, etc.
There is much hard work to do yet, his blood needs to recover, and cancer is a scary, sneaky disease.
But at least now we have facts demonstrating that it is possible to "get at" the CNS cancer with natural means.

What an answer to prayer!