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Tests on Wednesday


Jaymun's ANC was about 300 today. He's feeling great.

After talking with Dr. Talano - I figured out where the confusion came in last week (other than the frustration from having a fussy child who couldn't eat anything).

Radiation (and transplant) would normally be the next treatment step for the doctors. Since we had decided to forgo them, they properly make decisions to eliminate risk based on preserving quality of life. The spinal diagnostic had unnecessary risk for they had no active treatment plan.

Since we (as parents) are actively treating Jaymun with natural (less toxic) supplements, and he seems to be responding, it is actually our own (parents) treatment plan that benefits from the diagnostics - and so the burden of risk falls upon our shoulders. So we decided to go ahead, and I signed off on the procedure.

We are getting a spinal tap and a bone marrow aspirate on Wednesday.

We have been giving him no current supplements.
After Wednesday we will figure out what to do.