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ANC Over 500


Continued ANC climb. 532 today!!!!! Hooray!!!!
And his reticulocyte count is rising so that means he is making more red cells also.

Thank the Lord!!!

Jaymun accidentally removed his NG tube yesterday afternoon - and we didn't replace it for now (that means he's temporarily not getting supplements again). We'll find out what happens later this week when we go back for Head CT, Spinal Tap, and more labs.

I posted his labs under the medical section - there are a few days missing because they were drawn at the local hospital (different computer system).

I don't mind taking short breaks from "pumping up" his blood production because I have a personal theory that it is good to do that during chemo recovery. Who knows if the herbs/mushrooms we are giving Jaymun are also stimluating the body to produce hormone factors - like the G-CSF we had been giving him earlier (and which standard treatment normally continues until counts get above 2000).

Oh yeah... speaking of 'shrooms I forgot to talk about the Chinese mushrooms - more on that one of these days (grin).

Anyhow, my personal theory is that if you use G-CSF during recovery it should be used three days on / two days off because that way I think the resurgent immune cell population could attack the existing cancer for a few days in between. My wild guess is that one way G-CSF operates is to promote survival of normal and cancer cells, by temporarily derailing the apoptosis apparatus (which would make it harder to fight cancer during recovery). I think that the standard treatment locks in the cancer/healthy cell percentages until recovery is complete. If you properly modulate recovery, I bet you could knock of an extra log or two of blasts each round of chemo.

So I like the schedule of day off, day to fight cancer naturally, day(s) to boost production, etc. routine. G-CSF might work well for the production part of that I guess, although we may have just happened on a better substitute (wishfull thinking here - we'll see if the same thing happens this week (dip when we stop supplmenting followed by another spike once we resume).

So if the mushrooms work for the neutrophil boosting... maybe Children's hospital can start a little garden on top of the lower roof - the hot unit kids could watch down from the windows while the nurses who let their pumps beep for longer than 5 minutes would be assigned to tend the mushrooms (chuckle). Or maybe the night shift... mushrooms grow in the dark right? The night shift could use flashlights out on the roof while they watered the 'shrooms. Sort of like fireflies moving around in the dark!

I'm making friends tonight!!!

Anyhow... it's all in fun :)