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Super News


Still trying to let the good news today sink in. Although Jaymun's marrow is still very slow in recovery (ANC only 140), at least it is recovering - the bone marrow biopsy from last Thursday had islands of proper growth.

We are stopping antibiotics (had already stopped his antacids weeks ago, and stopped giving him G-CSF for a week or so already). So now the only thing he is taking, is one antifungal and that is oral twice per day.

And Jaymun is go, go, go. In every way a energetic two-year old. Climbing, wrestling, jabbering... every day he is storming back to reclaim the life he was missing for so many months.

Last week the flow from the bone marrow aspirate had showed 1% irregular cells, and the VNTR showed 10% of Jaymun's old blood - so that was what had us so worried.

But today they told us that they sent in the marrow biopsy for chromosomal analysis - and there were NO IRREGULARITIES!!! That just amazed us.

It is too soon to say that he is actually in remission, because the sample of his marrow was so small. It could take many months yet before his marrow is recovered - and until then the tests will not be intirely conclusive.
But at least there is no sign of cancer right now in his marrow biopsy.

The last time we checked (before the subdural hygroma's put a halt to the CNS therapy) there was cancer in his central nervous system. We haven't treated that for weeks and weeks (or even checked it - because we are afraid to do spinal taps because of his brain). Clinically, the doctors are quite pleasantly surprised to see his neurological healthiness - they would have thought that by now the cancer would be growing and causing him significant problems.

So they are going to talk to the neuro docs about doing a small spinal tap next week to check the CSF fluid for cancer - just to give us a baseline as to what is going on.

But for tonight we are celebrating - Jaymun was crawling up/down stairs, playing with his family, acting silly, demanding attention, running around - all the things a healthy two-year old does so well.

Thank the Lord!