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Busy Days


Today we had to make special trips for chemistry labs, tomorrow we go for platelets and full labs again, and this weekend is Ranger boys camp (men/boys from church). Devon and Sean are so looking forward to it, and Kirsten is part of the program team (she's a clown).

Jaymun didn't need blood yet (he may tomorrow, not sure). He gets platelets three times per week - his WBC count is still only .9 (up from .8) and no neutrophils.

He is getting steadily more active, although he walks like a 1 year old - holding along things and afraid to lose his balance.
I think alot of that is weakness - his crawling is slower also.

I am pausing in my supplement research on digestive (probiotic/prebiotic/synbiotic), since that was already so successful for Jaymun over the past two weeks.

I had looked into things to support him neurologically and for blood vessel/capillary strengthening, and he is getting those supplements also.

Now I am back to looking at research about blood building and cancer fighting. Just today I found some awesome studies on marrow recovery using either Astragalus and/or Una de Gato.

Just between those two herbs, I sorted over fifty papers. It seems like the Chinese perfected a formula back in the 1200's (incorporating Astragalus among other herbs) that they called Shi-quan-da-bu-tang, and in Nov, 1992 the Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutics, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City reviewed this herb, touting its benefits in a paper published in Methods and Findings in Experimental and clinical Pharmacology.

And back in April, 2000 the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Lund, Sweden reported studying the Peruvian herb against Neupogen (GSC-F) (which Jaymun is getting now) - and found that Una de Gato outperformed it in a more natural way to boot.
(well... in rats anyway :)

Jaymun had already been getting those herbs intermittently, but now that I have a better picture, and more data on bioavailability and dosage, we will be able to get their full benefit.

And then there are onions. I spent a good part of Wednesday studing Quercetin (from onions). (Thirty-three papers) Trying to figure out if we should work that into his steady and/or rotating supplement schedule.

Giving him herbal tea/concoctions (or blended up onions :) is quite simple at present (through his NG tube).
Technically we could probably take the NG out now because he is eating quite well (would look nicer on pictures).
However, not sure how we'd feed him his hourly "green stuff".

If there is any exciting news tomorrow on the blood counts, I'll try to post it before I go camping with the boys.