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More Labs


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we go for platelets and blood (if he needs it).

On Friday his labs showed a slight bump in WBC count (see the labs under the medical section).

However, it was not neutrophils, just lymphocytes. We are looking for neutrophils. And not blasts.

Will post later when we get back from Milwaukee...

Ok... No neutrophils yet - and he needed platelets today (we are trying to keep them above 30 because of his active two year old propensity for bumping into things and the extra fluid already around his brain).

But he DID NOT need blood either Friday or Today!!!! It seems his body is making enough RBC's now to last a few more days.
And they said the platelet count was at least pleasantly higher than expected.

Speaking of the subdural hygromas - Jaymun had another Head CT today. I am waiting for them to email me the results and will post them here.