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Home is not so Scary


Being home is so good. Jaymun is building up his strength, climing stairs, crawling, walking along things.

Jennifer had written an entry with many pictures attached while we were still at the hospital. We just finally posted it today. Click here to read it.

We are trying to take as many pictures / videos as we can of Jaymun since he is having so much fun. Will post when we can. That's the enjoyable part...

...Not completely sure how to recount the panic, and fear that explodes when your baby has a fifteen minute episode of screaming that reminds you of his CNS relapse just three months ago. Espeically since the doctors have warned us
his active CNS leukemia is untreatable - like a ticking time bomb that will take him within weeks.

That is so scary for us.

We came home with "drugs for agitation", and we were on the verge of using them a few times.
I think crying hurts his head, and that triggers more crying
...truly terrifying cycles that (I think) remind Jaymun of bad times in the hospital.
Fortunately these episodes are slowing down.

I think being home is comforting Jaymun ...he is learning to trust us ...that we won't hurt him.

Eating a Quiet Breakfast At Home Playing with Water at the Sink
Home is a place to eat a quiet breakfast (video). Home is a place to play with the sink water (video)

Home is a place for us all to heal. Things are not as scary anymore.