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Head and Tummy CT Today


Jaymun's subdural drain was slowing down, then all of a sudden between 3:30 and 4:15 this morning 20 CC's drained out (with a little clot). and he started complaining of pain even though he had received morphine an hour before. I'm not sure why so much fluid has drained (about 450 cc in the past 48 hours), but they said that can happen and the body replenishes CSF fluid rapidly enough to cover that. When I tried to help him gently turn to his side this morning, he started screaming and his heart rate went down and up a few times to the 80's (from 130), and his oxygen stat dipped to the 80's.

That also happened spontaneously a few times later while we were all standing by watching.
We sure don't need more things to worry about.

Now he seems to have settled down, but they are taking him down for a head CT again in a little while
(I'll post CT pictures below later).

His labs today showed coagulation numbers were off a bit - so they are giving him some extra FFP (Fresh Frozen Plasma).

I think the real pain is coming from his tummy. He doesn't want us to touch it - and over all that pain has been growing for several days. So they are doing a tummy CT also.

After they gave him a 2nd dose of morphine, he seemed to relax a bit and look more normal. He watched "Bob the Builder" for a few minutes and then fell asleep.

...7:11 PM: Ok - CT picture directly below looked better (as opposed to 7/18) so they took out the drain today (his brain was expanding to fill the head). He is in quite a bit of tummy pain yet though, not sure why. Morphine inhibiting his urine output? Constipated? Liver? Stomach? (he vomited blood clots last night again)